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French artist Theo Dari revolutionised the world of live entertainment by inventing laser manipulation and the famous “Laserman Experience”. This groundbreaking act soon became an international attraction. A victim of its success, it has often been plagiarised but never equalled.

our story

In 2018, Theo Dari wanted to pass on the torch and devote himself to developing his LAARIS™ interactive system and a laser software program. To take over, he naturally chose the artist Antoine Dupré, who had been performing his creations since 2012. Antoine took over the “Laserman” brand and created a brand-new version of the show called “Laserman Legacy” – a nod to the expertise handed on to him and to the origins of the act.

Antoine Dupré is now writing a new chapter in the “Laserman” story and giving it fresh momentum. The act, now featuring concepts with a greater number of laser projectors and the latest sound design, has moved into a totally new dimension.
  • 2005-2017

    To meet growing demand, Theo Dari set up the LASERMEN company. He trained a team of five performers in the secrets of laser manipulation and could thus expand his performance schedule around the world.

  • 2018

    Antoine Dupré took over the activities of the Lasermen company: managing, creating and producing the shows.

  • 2019

    The company collaborated with Colombian artist Maluma – a tremendous challenge, which led to Antoine and Theo operating 20-plus laser projectors as they created a Laserman sequence for the artist’s entry onto stage.
    This notable first gave Antoine a huge number of ideas for creating a future act.

  • 2022

    During the pandemic, Antoine used his time to perfect his skills in laser programming and the latest laser technologies. He created a new version of the “Laserman” act, with the title “Laserman Legacy”.

  • 2023

    “Laserman Legacy” boasts a more ambitious technical setup, and delivers a uniquely dynamic show! It has stunned audiences internationally through performances in Miami, Ivory Coast, Dubai, Berlin, Morocco and Canada... ... and given the Laserman story fresh momentum!

our approach

emotion and meaning

Each show is crafted to maximise the wow effect, with a primary focus on emotion and meaning.


Your event is our priority. Each performance brings us new ideas. And each new idea is a path to ever-greater excellence.


Research and development are the main drivers of advancement in Lasermen’s artistry and technology.


We used the best laser projectors on the market, with CE and CDRH certification.


Our teams are trained and experienced in laser safety standards and procedures IEC-60825-1 and IEC-60825-3.

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Antoine dupré

Laserman Artist,
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Laser Operator

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Laser Operator

Mehdi Hadim

Laser Heroes Artist

Nabil Hadim

Laser Heroes Artist

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