laser designer

Unique expertise!

Antoine Dupré is passionate about technology and creating art.

A laser designer with more than 10 years’ industry experience, he perfected his knowledge during his international career with the “Laserman” act. He acquired wide experience at large-scale events. His exacting standards and professionalism then opened the door to even more ambitious projects.

n 2020, he worked as a laser designer for the artist Maluma on his international tour, and for the Saudi pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai with the Augmented Magic company.

His creativity and technical prowess have made him a go-to artist in this field, who relentlessly seeks new ways to innovate and roll back the limits of laser technology.

He is currently working for the Laser Movement company as artistic director, crafting a host of sound and light laser shows all over France.

We provide a laser design service offering creative and technical solutions:

Bespoke design of laser shows:

Creation of unique shows for concerts, product launches and all kinds of hospitality events.

Laser art and installations:

Creation of artworks and installations using laser technology for exhibitions and other public events.

Filming and video clips:

Creation of laser sequences for secure, unique video shoots! We combine our technical expertise and artistic vision to create unique laser experiences that are compelling and inspiring. We are dedicated to innovating and to complying with laser safety standards with one overarching goal: satisfying our clients.

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